Please read below to make sure your event flows with ease!

We all want everyone to have a great time, in order to ensure this there are a couple of rules that must be followed. Your guests are your responsibility, any breaking of these rules will result in an immediate cancelation of the booking with no refund.

All of our services are NON-SEXUAL.

Our Girls are not a prostitute, and although some girls may provide lap dances (at their own discretion) Prostitution is not the service that is being provided. Any pressure or solicitation will result in our girl/s to leave without refund of monies.

Our waitresses/Strippers will happily

  • Make and get Drinks
  • Chat and mingle with your guests
  • Play party games ( Our babes are beer pong enthusiast!)
  • Clearing away bottles
  • Have fun with you and your guests!
  • Most waitresses will offer lap dances – please let us know if this is something you are wanting so we can ensure we send the right girl/s.

We nor our waitresses will NOT tolerate:

  • Abuse – Verbal, physical or emotional.
  • Violence of any kind, if your guests start getting angry and violent our waitresses reserve the right to leave, without refund.
  • Touching – any form of touching is inappropriate you have hired a WAITRESS/STRIPPER not prostitutes.
  • Some waitresses will offer lap dances the level of touching will vary per performer, however it is never ok to touch a waitress/stripper between the legs or any form of mouth contact.
  • No photos or videos without permission of the waitress at your event. 
  • Any patrons under 18.

A deposit is required to confirm a booking.

We will require a deposit in order to confirm your booking. Any cancellations within 48hrs will forfeit your deposit.

In the rare event your chosen waitress is no longer available:

A replacement/s will be offered for you to choose from, if none are to your liking a refund of your deposit (for the unavailable girl if you have booked multiple) will be refunded to you.


Fill in the required files below and we will get back to you as soon as possible.